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Better Compare is a free to use comparison service with a focus on car insurance that helps you find the best value insurance quotes and money deals. Not a broker and not an insurer, we help give you the control to make your own buying decisions.
Unlike other insurance or financial comparison websites, we are not owned by or affiliated to the companies listed on the site or in our call centre. Better Compare is SA's first 100% impartial and independent insurance and money comparison service.
Every insurance group operates differently and their coverage differs too. Every person is different. Every car is also different e.g. make, colour, condition, mileage. The difference in these three factors means that no two quotes from any two insurance companies will likely ever be the same. So, that means it is good to shop around and compare insurance quotes.
Our technology is integrated to the various insurance groups technology to effectively "speak" to each other. We ask all of the same questions they would ask you in their call centre in order to provide you with quotes. We send the answers to these questions to every insurance group on our panel and then each of them sends premiums and excesses back based on your unique profile. We show you all of the returned quotes from popular insurers on our search results page. Once you have decided on the insurer, policy details, premium and excess then simply click the "I'm Interested" button and we will then immediately arrange that the insurers consultant call you during working hours to talk you through your quote.
We are not owned by or affiliated to the companies listed on the site or in our call centre. We rank our search results based on the lowest premium you will see in first place, second lowest in second and so forth. The premiums come directly in real-time from the insurers rating engine (computer system via the Internet). We simply present the prices and benefits exactly as they are sent to us from the insurers. In no way do we manipulate the search results to favour any insurer. The choice is yours, you are in control.
You will see them and their prices on the search results page on this website. We work with popular and trusted insurers that are confident enough to be compared.
Better Compare is essentially a marketing channel for insurers to advertise their products. It is free for the insurers to be on the Better Compare panel though when we introduce a client to the insurer we charge them a competitive marketing fee. This fee is not added to the premium or directly related in any way as it is funded from the insurer advertising budgets that they allocate to different marketing campaigns.
Ants are known in children storytelling as being smart with money. Ants are also great at going out into the “market” and finding the best “deals” for their family and friends. Ants are also very strong. Better Compare is essentially a new brand that is here to help consumers and the Ants portray how friendly, helpful, resourceful and innovative our staff behind the scenes are in helping you to gather quotes and save.
We believe it is better to compare and we make finding insurance easier. So what we say is use Better Compare as part of your shopping process before you buy. Since rates are always changing, car prices are always changing, every insurers rating formula and business is different to the next insurer and always changing, and very importantly your personal and car details will be different and will change over time. This probably means that no two insurers will ever quote the same price and benefits. So, without using Better Compare you may not find the right insurance partner.
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