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Better Compare came about with a passion to make it easier and simpler for you to find a better deal on car insurance and money yourself. Instead of using a brokerage or calling around to find the best deal or visiting different websites, our 100% impartial and independent service will retrieve actual prices directly from various companies for you to see and compare on our search results page. Then, simply chose the deal for you.

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Unlike other insurance comparison websites, Better Compare is not owned by or affiliated to the companies listed on the site or in our call centre. The brands that we compare in our call centre, are exactly the same brands we compare on our website. Better Compare is SA's first truly impartial and independent insurance comparison service. We really are unbiased.

It's a no brainer really

Many of us shop around for the best quotes for a new kitchen, the latest Digital TV, or the coolest new smart phone that hits the market. Though, we don’t shop around for what is one of our biggest monthly expenses, our car insurance premium.

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We work with popular and trusted insurers that are confident enough to be compared. Not all insurance companies are the same, and their prices are all different since their business models differ a lot. The way each insurer sees you is also different. Market dynamics and other factors that are used to price for your cover, keep changing. This means car insurance prices are always changing. By comparing different car insurance quotes side-by-side we can help you find a better deal and help you choose the right car insurance company for your own needs.


You could save hundreds of Rands per month by comparing different quotes from different insurance companies right here on Better Compare.

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The fact that you decided to compare and save, we think will make you feel great too!

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Better Compare is not owned by or affiliated to any of the companies listed on our site or in our call centre.

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To help you make smart decisions

We believe in giving you the control to make your own smart insurance buying decisions. We believe in a fair, impartial and independent insurance comparison environment. We are on a mission to let people know it is better to compare.

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Our comparison technology will give you the control to source your own quotes in your own time. Fast. Easy. Sorted.

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We are not an insurance company, owned or affiliated to one.

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We are not an insurance broker. Our service is free to use.


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