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Car Insurance quote questions you will be asked

If you are looking for competitive Car Insurance quotes, be prepared to answer a few simple questions so that the Insurance companies can provide accurate quotes. The questions are very necessary so that you get the right premium for your personal profile, and the saving you may be looking for at the end will be well worth a few minutes of your time.

To help familiarize yourself with the quote process in getting insurance for your car, we explain here what is involved.

Two key areas of questions

There are two key areas that the Insurance companies will want to know about, firstly about the Insurable asset they will cover, that is your car, and the second is about yourself the regular driver of the car.

Here at Better Compare you can choose two ways to get a quote. Do it yourself online by answering the quote questions on or speak to one of the friendly Quote Consultants by requesting a free call back, you can find the form on the website, or call in yourself to 0800 GATHER (428437).        

Here are some of the questions to expect. Doing this online is quick using simple dropdown selections you can easily choose from, or speak to a consultant who can help compare quotes over the phone.

About your car

TIP: Have your Car Registration plate number to hand. This will help speed up the process as our technology will instantly look up the car specification from a database.

Year, model, make of car

Colour of car

Paid up or Financed?

Is tracking installed?

Any modifications e.g. non-factory fitted turbo?

Where is car parked at night?

Where is car parked during the day?

Factory Fitted Radio?

Manual or Automatic?

Would you like to insure the car for Retail, Market or Trade Value? Read more about this here on our Guide

Would you like to add another car to Insure?


About yourself


TIP: All Insurers will require your SA ID number to provide accurate quotes. Have your ID Number to hand. This will help speed up the process as our technology will do a soft credit profile check, which all Insurers require, and will help complete your details for you to simply confirm.

Are you Married, Single etc?

Job Title – some Insurers will ask this

Are you the main Driver?

What type of drivers licence do you have e.g. RSA Driving Licence, International, etc?

Driving Licence Code e.g. 08

When was your Licence first issued?

Have you made any claims in last 7, 6, 5,… years?

Would you like a Courtesy Car?

First Name

Last Name

Date of Birth

Email address to send quote details to


Cell Phone Number

Residential address

Would you like to get news and special offers?


Compare Quotes

The nifty thing with Better Compare is our technology will then search and retrieve live prices from the various Insurance companies we work with.

We aim to work with all of the major insurance groups to be able to return quotes. Some though may choose not to quote against your personal profile or that of your car, so you may not see quotes from that Insurer.

Then simply choose the best quote for you and finalise your policy with the Insurer.