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Your car is probably one of your most prized possessions, not only for how much money you have invested in the purchase and upkeep of the vehicle, but you probably have a unique bond and love for your car too.

Here we Better Compare various gps car tracking companies that provide real-time quotes on our search results pages. In the same way as we compare car insurance quotes and by retrieving real-time quotes from popular insurers rating engines, we bring you car tracking quotes to easily compare side by side. All companies are insurance approved.

GPS tracking device products and features compared

There are some differences to consider

Knowing in an instant where your car is at any given moment is a priority for increasing the recovery likelihood. The best car tracking companies have a very high recovery rate, so you can be rest assured you will get your vehicle back. Generally, the best way to install a car tracker device is to have the device hard-wired into your car by an expert team. There are of course other options though and which you may prefer.

Having the tracking device installed is one thing but helping to ensure it is not removed, deactivated or damaged in some way to avoid a signal being sent to the vehicle recovery company is something else altogether. Some companies offer additional features such as anti-tamper device notifications to help provide information on the current state of the car. Others can monitor whether the car ignition is always switched on or off and back up your car’s battery with another self-sustaining unit to keep the tracking unit powered up.


Don’t just track your vehicle, recover it

Stolen vehicle recovery options

Knowing where your car is will be reassuring, however getting it back hopefully in one piece as quickly as possible will be a priority. Most tracking companies will offer a recovery service to get your car back to you using their network of trained and capable staff.

All the best car GPS tracking systems use the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network to track and monitor your car location, vehicle speed, time and direction.

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