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The best medical aid is not always the cheapest. Having the best medical aid for you and your families needs is probably one of the most important monthly commitments we can make. The Better Compare medical aid comparison tool will help you find the right medical aid for your own requirements.

Instead of using a medical aid broker which will probably charge additional fees, our tool gives you the control to make your own decision as to which medical aid is best, and then you can discuss your choice on a free phone call directly with one of the medical aid consultants that know their product best. Simply ask any questions you may have and get accurate answers to ensure you find the top medical aid partner for you and your family.


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Comparing medical aids can be confusing!

We help you find the best value medical aid scheme

No matter how you look at them, medical aid schemes can be confusing to understand. Even if just looking at one medical scheme and their own plans, it can be very confusing to know what is included, what is not included and how their plans stack-up compared to other medical schemes out there. There are some key things that are important to you no doubt when considering which medical aid is right for you and which may not be as much.

Value for money today generally comes out as a the top consideration for choosing a medical aid provider. Other key factors are whether you can go to any hospital for care in an emergency or whether you are limited to only selected hospitals as dictated by the medical scheme. If you or your dependents use any chronic medication, some schemes cover this and others don’t within their various medical scheme benefits.

At Better Compare we have made it easier to compare medical aids and to help you choose the medical aid provider that you like best. Once you have chosen the one for you, then we put you directly in touch with them so that their very own consultant will be able to talk you through the best plan for your needs.

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