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Every few years, a company comes around that thinks and works differently. Better. At we have made it our mission to change the way insurance works and to look at every process through the only eyes that matter- yours.

What makes better is not something that we can compress into a few, buzzword-filled lines of prose, but we’ll give it a try.

  • Agile: We will always be flexible enough to bend over backwards for you, no matter how big we get.
  • Smart: We use the latest tech to ensure that we are constantly learning and improving everything about ourselves.
  • Customer-obsessed: We take our cue from you. You set our development priorities and drive all our decision making. You say jump, we say how high?
  • Real: We shoot straight, we’re transparent and we’re real. No smoke and mirrors- just proper, solid insurance cover.

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Average star rating of 4.6/5*
*as on 26/06/2018

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Dotsure Brilliant!
I've always had a pleasant experience, whether it be the call center or their prompt response with roadside assistance. I also claimed for my lost phone, no hassles and I was paid out rather quickly (no funny stories as to reduction of payout either). I have recommended this insurer to so many friends and family and all have had great reviews about them.
-Sne G

Happy Customer
I recently enquired about policies. I received a call from a young man who assisted me. I then asked for changes to the quote, again he gladly assisted me with a smile on his face (could hear it over the phone). Thank you for the service you have provided. Keep up the good work.
- Christel B

Fabulous service with claims process
Every experience I have with Dotsure is pleasant. I had to process a yesterday (Sunday). The friendly service received was very easing. I need not worry about this being an overly poor month as they are currently processing both my claims. Thank you!
- Aileen D