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Fibre is fast, fast, fast!

Faster than broadband…

Fibre Internet is much faster than broadband and also more reliable since it uses fibre-optic cable instead of copper lines or relying on bandwidth making it almost as fast as the speed of light. Speeds can easily reach 940 Megabits per second (Mbps) with a more instant response, reducing the frustrations of waiting around for something to happen which we all would have experienced.

With fibre you can expect the same fast speed both uploading or downloading videos and you will be able to stream content at much faster speeds that any broadband connection. Fibre has quickly established itself as being less “patchy” than WiFi and more reliable than copper lines. Better quality TV pictures and the ability to easily connect multiple devices just makes fibre a very smart choice.

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How does fibre compare to the G’s?

Internet in a different league…

5G and 4G are much faster compared to 3G which created the first systems fast enough to make smartphones practical, though of course, not as fast as fibre. The “G” (the G standing for Generation and the 3G technology ) technologies are usually provided from cell phone companies in South Africa, and the Internet they provide is designed for mobile phones and the “G” devices.

Fibre is in a different league, it really is much, much faster! With increased competition between fibre Internet companies prices are coming down all the time making fibre a great alternative for your home Internet usage instead of using your phone’s data. Some packages are uncapped so you really could enjoy more Internet for less!

Fibre Internet Pricing

It’s now easy to get fibre to your home

Compare fibre deals in your area right here

Getting fibre to your home is now easy. As we always say at Better Compare, it always pays to compare the deals that are out there first, and only then choose and buy the deal for you. Using our search tool you can now quickly find the best fibre Internet deals available in your area, compare them, and quickly buy the one that is right for you.

The process is really fast and simple by using our fibre search and compare tool:

  • Enter your address to see if fibre is available in your area. Browse the various packages in your area from the Internet Service Providers active in your area.
  • Choose the provider and package you prefer, and then order your package. You will then receive an email confirming your order, and the customer service team will contact you to confirm the product meets your needs.
  • Your chosen fibre Internet company will confirm your order and arrange an installation date.

Typically the fibre is simply run by an overhead cable from the nearest telephone pole into your home so no need for digging unless you wanted to “hide” the cable that way.

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