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How you could make R4,000 in just half an hour


Saving is earning, and here at Better Compare we believe this is a better way to consider thinking about your finances. If you could save R4,000 we are sure you will agree that this is a large amount of money. R4,000 can represent a significant amount of the average South Africans take-home pay after tax. If you could effectively earn R4,000 in half an hour, that would be amazing?

According to the BankservAfrica Disposable Salaries Index (BDSI) BDSI, the average real seasonally adjusted banked salary was R13,964 in September 2017. Assuming an average work week of 45 hours, that would equate to an average hourly take-home pay of R77.57, so that means a half hourly take-home of R38.78.

Voluntary Excess

If you could save R4,000, so therefore earning yourself R4,000, by taking an action that would probably take less than half an hour, that would mean you could earn over 100 times more than you do in half an hour, based on the average salary above.

So how is this possible you may ask?

Simple, if you are paying monthly car insurance premiums it is possible to save well over R300 per month, in some cases a lot, lot more. That could easily equate to a yearly saving of R4,000 or more.

By taking a little time to optimize your monthly finances you could help optimize your lifestyle.

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