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Grow your insurance business awareness and sales

Helping insurers to find direct clients

The focus here at Better Compare is to help insurers find their perfect client, and for clients to find their perfect insurer. In an increasingly competitive marketplace insurers are looking at new and innovative ways to protect and indeed grow a profitable client base. As consumers look to digital channels to research, shop and buy financial products, Better Compare is uniquely positioned to help connect insurers with clients.

Unlike other insurance comparison websites, we are not owned by or affiliated to the companies listed on the site or in our call centre. Better Compare is SA's first truly impartial and independent insurance comparison service.

Reasons to market your insurance company on Better Compare:
  • We are 100% impartial and independent
    Better Compare is not owned by or affiliated to any of the companies listed on our site or in our call centre.
  • Free to quote on the platform
    Aside from some indirect integration costs such as developer staff cost, there is no cost to have your insurance company product quote on Better Compare. Better Compare only charge a competitive introducer fee when we introduce a client to your company.
  • We do the hard work for you
    We find highly motivated consumers looking to do an insurance quotation with us. Having incurred the advertising cost to do so we then do a full quotation with the consumer on the phone or on our website with all the required risk questions you will need being asked. Our users then are quoted or see an accurate quotation sourced directly from your rating engine as well as product benefits. The client then chooses your quotation for you to then simply bind the client.
  • Assisted conversions
    In digital marketing terminology, Better Compare can act as an assisted conversion in your digital marketing sales funnel. As an example, a shopper may visit the Better Compare website, see your quote, though visit your website directly without taking any action on our website. Each impression of your brand will help drive your brand awareness, brand consideration and trial.
  • Not just about price
    SA consumers are very brand conscious. Of course finding the right policy offering is important to them too. A brand that may be ranked lower on our search results page could still take most of the share of business. Reasons for this might be as an example that the brand has more affinity with that particular user, the user may already have another product type with that brand, or indeed they may have seen the brand in advertising recently. The brand that was cheaper today, may not be tomorrow - rating models are always different and changing.
  • Kudos
    Your insurance company will enjoy being considered with other well-known brands, especially so if your brand does not advertise heavily above-the-line.
  • Fair, transparent and TCF
    Better Compare focuses on a consistent customer experience and offering across our web and call centre channels. As an Authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP 49357), we ensure a compliant and safe environment for your brand.
  • We are omni-channel
    We quote your insurance brand/product in our call centre and on our website, offering two popular quoting channels each offering an excellent conversion rate and cost per acquisition.
  • Help support our challenger brand
    Not only will you be participating on a platform that will help you grow your market share, you will also be helping us to offer consumers a truly independent insurance comparison environment.
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Better Compare is not owned by or affiliated to any of the companies listed on our site or in our call centre.

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