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5 ways you could reduce your car insurance bills

You could consider changing the excess amount. The excess is the first amount you will have to pay if you make a car insurance claim. If you increase the excess value the monthly premium will come down. However, you will need to consider if you can afford to pay the excess if you were to make a claim.

Credit Score
Insurers look at your credit score to see if you could keep up with monthly insurance premium payments. Keeping your credit score in good standing will help your risk profile and could bring down your insurance premiums.

Car Value
How much are you insuring your car for? Your car value typically goes down each year as your car depreciates. That is why it is important to check what value the insurance company has in their system for your car.
Also, is your car insured for the Retail, Market, Trade or Agreed value?

Drive better
Generally the longer you drive without major claims or accidents the lower your premium will be, since you will be seen as a lower risk profile based on your good driving behavior.

Shop around and compare
Shopping around for car insurance improves your knowledge of the process and the market. By shopping around to get at least 3 quotes you will have a better idea on the value you are getting before you sign up for that deal.

Better Compare uses real-time digital technology to gather quotes directly from popular insurers, making it easier and quicker to compare car insurance.

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